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January 16, 2014 by Pablo

If there’s one thing the history of commercialism has taught us – it’s surely that it pays to strike while the iron is hot. This is particularly true if you’re trying to profit from the “next big thing” at any given time and if there’s one sector that continues to be really “hot” at the moment – then it’s surely that of online gaming and online gambling. And this is great news for potential punters as it means those of us who are most determined and show the most stamina can really cash in.

Let us explain…

The gambling world works on an “edge”. This can be the house edge generated in almost all forms of gambling in a casino, for example. And however small that edge is, it still means we’ll lose out to the house (i.e. the casino) if we play on for a sufficient length of time due to the laws of probability. Indeed, in some games like roulette, for example, the odds get close to even money; close but not quite there. And the tiny margins generated by games like roulette are sufficient for the casinos to make a steady (and big…) profit.

Similarly, with conventional bookmakers taking bets on things like sporting events where there is a large degree of individual judgment involved – then it’s perfectly possible for a shrewd punter to make a profit, and maybe even steadily so, if he or she is astute and shrewd enough. But the big bookies can almost invariably lay bets off at better odds with other bookmakers – so they basically play a numbers game and rarely lose in any big way over a sufficient length of time.

So what’s all this got to do with free cash?

Well, the online world has made gaming and all forms of gambling easier than ever before – and the big operators realise that the big business opportunity really lies in getting us to sign up in the first place because most people are either too busy or too lazy to open multiple accounts. Also – most gamblers don’t take a purely statistical approach.

Ergo … the operators offer is some pretty big welcome bonuses. Have a peek at the top 10 UK casino sites, for example, and you’ll quickly see what we mean. This is a completely free online casino guide designed to assist UK players find the best, most generous and most secure casino sites, so all the hard work is done for you. There are also reviews of the top-rated sites – plus details of exclusive bonus offers available only via the “Online Casino Bluebook”.

So those of us that are prepared to open multiple accounts and take the free cash across all sorts of gambling sites – and can then show self-discipline in making the shrewdest bets possible (using either a statistical approach on games of pure chance or a judgmental one on sports or issues in which we have some expertise) can use the free cash to make some free money – if we’re talented and determined enough.

It’s a competitive industry – so it’s time for the shrewdies amongst us to capitalize.

Who plays online bingo and why?

November 21, 2013 by Pablo

Image by Ed Yourdon

If you’ve not played a game of online bingo yet then you’re one of a minority, it seems. It used to be that bingo attracted quite a niche market – namely, older ladies who had time on their hands to spend down at the bingo hall. But now, with so many different online bingo sites around, there are apparently more than 100 million people around the world logging in and getting into games of online bingo every day.

So what’s the big attraction of bingo and who’s playing?

It’s good value

You can play bingo for pennies at a time – much as you always could in the bingo halls. But now you can also play free bingo at many of the bingo sites like Costa Bingo. So why would sites offer free games with real cash prizes attached to them? It’s a way of rewarding loyal customers for playing at their site, but also it’s a great way to win over new players too. These free games aren’t just for small beer either. At Costa Bingo there are free games going on around the clock with jackpots of up to £50 to play for. And if you play free bingo with Costa Bingo, be sure not to miss out on the free game that takes place every Friday night, with a guaranteed £10,000 jackpot – it’s called Costa Crazy.

It’s easy

Bingo is no longer a game that requires concentration. This is one of the reasons that the bingo playing population has increased so rapidly – everyone likes a game where you don’t have to put any effort into it! Because the software takes care of marking off the numbers as they’re called out and logging a win if you have one, then you don’t actually need to do anything in order to play the game. Once you’ve got your ticket, you can just sit back and relax while the game plays through.

It has universal appeal

Because bingo is cheap (or free) to play and available at any time, it’s something that appeals to a really broad cross-section of people. Stay at home mums play it when the kids are napping; business execs play to unwind as they sit on the bus or train going to or from work; those old ladies (and gents!) who used to go to the bingo hall can now play in the comfort of their own home. We all like the idea of winning a potentially huge prize for a tiny stake, so more people than ever before are playing bingo.

There’s free credit to be had

There’s so much competition among bingo sites for new players that you can really cash in when you join a site. Almost all of the sites will match or double the initial deposit you put into an account, meaning that a player’s gaming fund will stretch that much further. As bingo games are so cheap to play, whatever you put in together with the bonus credit that you get will last even longer – the welcome bonuses around on most bingo sites are too good to refuse.

The Most Popular Poker Games

November 14, 2013 by Pablo

Texas Hold’em Rules the Roost

For a true poker enthusiast, nothing beats the thrill of Texas Hold’em. This roller coaster game of skill, wit and strategy features riveting poker entertainment from buy-in to showdown.

For skilled Texas Hold’em players, it takes a mixture of aggression and astute play; a beautifully choreographed dance of pure poker finesse. The starting hand (comprising of two face-down hole cards) lay the groundwork for each hand. The Flop (3 community cards), Turn (4th community card)  and River (5th community card) create opportunities to win monster pots.

The out-and-out rush that ensues when players go head-to-head is the stuff of legend. Brilliant Hold’em specialists like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan or perhaps even JC Tran have collectively dominated this poker category for decades.

Poker pros agree that nothing ups the ante more than head-to-head poker action – especially at showdown. It is here that the true mettle of a player is put to the test. With so much tension and calculated strategy going on, it is imperative that you don’t forget to play poker and stick to a tried and trusted game plan, whilst keeping a cool level head.

This advice is especially useful to novice players who tend to play erratically and emotionally – regardless of the hands they’re dealt. Remember that in Texas Hold’em – the world’s most popular poker variant – you should fold the vast majority of starting hands that you’re dealt. As a poker newbie, it’s hard to resist all of the  raising and re-raising action. However, to be in it for the long haul, it’s essential to play only premium-value starting hands before moving onto more complex strategy.

Omaha Heats Up Online Poker

This exciting game has long held the mantle as one of most enjoyed poker games on the planet. Unlike in Hold’em, players are dealt 4 cards face down. Only 2 hole cards can and must be used along with 3 community cards to form the highest-value 5 card hand.  Two standard variants exist: Omaha Hi (Pot Limit Omaha) and Omaha Hi/Lo (8 or Better).

In standard Omaha Hi, the game is played in much the same fashion as Texas Hold’em. With Omaha Hi-Lo, there are 2 potential winning hands – the high hand and the low hand. The high hand is judged at showdown based on the standard poker hand ranking chart. The low hand is determined by which hand consists of the best 5 low cards. Low cards are aces through eights – with the ace having the distinction of doubling as a high and a low card. The best low hand in Omaha Hi/Lo is 5-4-3-2-A, also called the Wheel.

Stud Poker Steadily Regains Popularity

Stud Poker has rightfully earned its place among a prestigious group of skill-based games. In recent years its popularity has been superseded by Hold’em and Omaha, but now it is starting to see a bit of a revival.

Stud poker comes in many variants including: 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, 8 or Better (Hi-Lo Stud), Razz and Caribbean Stud poker games. Each of these stud poker games features common underlying rules and formats.

The main element that distinguishes this poker genre from others is that there are no community cards. Each player is dealt a combination of face-down and face-up cards – individually. They must use only the cards dealt on each individual board to assess the best 5 card hand.

Pick a Game – Any Game!

With so much high-quality poker entertainment waiting to be enjoyed, players are spoilt for choice in both traditional brick and mortar poker rooms and online poker rooms alike. Game variants like Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Stud Poker are readily available at cash tables in casinos and online poker rooms. For tournament enthusiasts, there are many prestigious live tournaments, like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), where they can put their wits to the test against other skilled players.

Whatever your preference, one thing’s for certain: poker is the people’s game!

Choosing a Survey Template from QuickSurveys

October 27, 2013 by Pablo

With QuickSurveys, you can quickly create an online survey with a pre-designed survey template. There are more than 100 different survey templates available and you can share your survey with other QuickSurveys users. In order to create the proper survey, you will want to choose a survey template that provides the proper questions for your needs. There are several categories of survey templates available at QuickSurveys including customer satisfaction, product testing, website visitor, market assessment and more. You can use these survey templates just as they are or you can use them as an idea of how to create your own survey.

In some cases, you will want to modify the template so it is specific to your industry or your product. One of the benefits of using a QuickSurveys template is that they have been created by survey professionals. This means that the questions are perfectly written and the survey is designed in such a way to give you optimal results. A survey template is great for businesses that do not have the time, money or expertise to create an entire survey on their own. At QuickSurveys, you can simply select a template and immediately create your survey.

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